Advertising & Media Buying

A thoughtful, well-conceived advertising plan for your business is absolutely critical for you to see a strong return on your marketing investment. But you already knew that.

You’re here, so you’re probably already wondering how best to advertise your products or services. Business owners are experts at what they do, but typically have a difficult time explaining their business in ten, fifteen, thirty, or sixty seconds. And not only explaining it, but getting the listener, reader or viewer to jump up and down about it and take action.

On top of ad concept, placement and production, there are the intricacies of negotiating and buying a media schedule, monitoring its performance, and making sure the media company delivers as promised. That part will most assuredly make your eyes glaze over.

Heft Media isn’t simply a media buyer, although we have expertise in every facet of media planning and media buying. We plan your advertising campaigns from concept through delivery, and we know the difference between an advertising schedule that delivers results and one that burns money needlessly.

An integrated advertising agency brings an unbiased opinion to the table about where your advertising message will be most effective.  We also understand the labyrinth (and opportunities) of media ratings, web traffic, cost-per-click and print distribution figures. This expertise helps us place your message where you’ll see the strongest return on investment. We also excel at finding redundancies in your current advertising budget and identifying cost-effective marketing opportunities you may not have considered.

We’ve created advertisements for clients from roller derby teams to hospitals, and we deliver results for our clients using radio, TV, online video, print, billboards, social media, search engine marketing, and/or online advertising (including Google AdWords). Our simple rule of thumb: make a great ad that gets attention without yelling.

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