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Website content development, copywriting and content marketing take many forms: Press releases, blogging, email newsletters, ghostwriting, website text, direct mail – anything that involves stringing words together and unleashing them on your target customers to influence a decision.

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Content Marketing – on your website and off – is a key element of SEO strategy. Your company’s message might be simple or complicated, clever or straightforward, but a great copywriter knows how to break it down so that the target reader can easily understand it and take action.

Heft Media‘s content development and copywriting will sync your marketing message with your advertising, website or blog, so your message is consistent and stays on target. We’ll write your search engine optimized website content, blog posts, item descriptions, email newsletters, direct mail, press releases, or anything else that requires putting the right words in the right order.

Blog posts / Website content development

A website designer makes your site look great. She also makes sure it displays correctly on every device it’s viewed on – PC, mobile, tablet, and whatever else comes down the road. But the actual words on the page tell search engines what your page is about so it can be easily found by your target customers.

That’s why a copywriter with knowledge of SEO best practices is the best choice to develop and write your website content. The writer then ships the text to the designer, who incorporates it into her design.

To blog or not to blog?

Adding a professionally written blog to your website is one of the most efficient ways to increase traffic and boost your search engine rankings. Google’s latest search algorithm, and every search engine for that matter, favors blog and website content which is frequently updated. But writing frequent blog posts that are useful for the reader, meet your business objectives, drive new customer acquisition, and are seo-friendly, requires significant expertise.

Copywriters at Heft Media will develop exciting, compelling content for your company blog, and will do it with the knowledge of how Google and other search engines find, index and rank blog posts and web pages. And by doing that, we’ll deliver more traffic to your website.

Email newsletter campaigns

Why doesn’t your email list respond to your emails? Perhaps your emails are getting caught in spam filters. Or maybe your content isn’t exciting enough. Maybe it’s the subject line of your email. There are many reasons your list may not be opening your newsletters. And by the way, do you have a customer email list?

Heft Media copywriters will create emails that your list will open and respond to. We can create anything from simple, informational newsletters to sales announcements your customers can’t help but respond to.

TV, radio, and online commercial scripts

A great television or radio commercial or simple online video starts with a great concept, followed by a great script, followed by flawless execution of the production. Heft Media has written and produced commercials for hundreds of clients from roller derby teams and bakeries to home improvement companies, law offices, and health networks.

Your message can be clever, straightforward, serious or comic, but it must always inspire action. We know how to do that.

Public Relations

In the 24 hour news cycle, media outlets are hungry for easily digestible, well-written articles and press releases which can be quickly tweaked for publication or used as background for interviews.

When you launch a new product or need to communicate important information about your business, event, or noteworthy accomplishment, a copywriter at Heft Media will craft a press release and service it to the appropriate local and national news outlets.

Read a story at (Morning Call newspaper online site) we pitched on behalf of one of our PR clients.

Contact us today for a quote on your website, blog, email newsletter campaign, or press release. We’re also happy to provide writing samples for your consideration.

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