SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization,  defined as a marketing discipline which delivers traffic to your website by way of free or organic search results.

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Every search engine shows local listings, web pages, news, videos, images and other web elements in their search results, based on what the search engine considers most relevant to its users. How these results are ranked may be influenced by SEO, which includes many aspects, from the content on the website page to how users interact with the page. This is why we say the design of your website is critical to search engine optimization.

SEO can include many elements, including keyword research, best-in-class website design, a social media strategy, a content strategy, and inbound and outbound linking (links from and to other websites). When implemented correctly, these SEO strategies increase the “authority” of your website pages and help them rank higher in search engine formulas. The pages with the most authority or “trust” (from a search engine’s perspective) earn a higher rank and are shown more often in search results.

We would like to thank Heft Media for… awesome work on our SEO – over 79 % increase in new visits. – PA Foot & Ankle Associates

An effective Search Engine Optimization strategy includes:

  • content which includes your keywords and keyword phrases
  • inbound and outbound links
  • a website design which is easily crawled and understood by search engines
  • content strategy (blogging and other means of distributing info)
  • social media strategy

Heft Media never uses template SEO plans, or “link blasters” as other companies do. These programs are disasters waiting to happen and when discovered and upended by Google, cause significant harm to your website’s ranking. Our SEO services for Lehigh Valley businesses includes a custom Search Engine Optimization plan to achieve the highest rankings possible for your website.

We should also stress that in this age of continuous changes to search engine algorithms, SEO is not a once and done effort. Your website requires periodic adjustments to maintain its rank.

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Here’s a nice video primer from Google on how they rank web pages. You can also check out this excellent page on how Google search works.

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